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2017 PRO ROOT River Racing Team


2017 Amateur Root River Racing Team


  Root River Racing Team
  Root River Racing's mission is to earn maximum amount of podiums possible!
National recognition for our performance, representation of our sponsors,
leadership qualities and respect of other riders and teams.
2016 Root River Racing Resume
  Rider and Family Expectations
What Rich Gillette expects out of each rider and family member that is apart of the team.

1) Education. Every rider that is in school, whether in primary school or college, must maintain a C+ gpa year round.
2) Trouble. Whether in school, at the track or with the law, trouble will not be tolerated at all.
3) Respect. Riders and family members will never disrespect or argue with teammates, family members and other riders or teams. We will respect them whether we feel they desire it or not.
4) Ride with Class. On the track, during motos, things can get heated and dirty riding can comes in to play. The rider must keep his cool. If you get bumped hard or driven off the track or over a berm, I will not tolerate an act of retribution. Your safety and the safety of the riders you race with are my biggest concern.
5) Ride Smart. Ride to the best of your ability. Do not over ride the quad. It only makes you slower or gets you hurt.
6) Training off the track. Its expected of you to be in race ready shape year round. At this level of competition you can’t afford to get lazy. Whether you are in another sport or just training at the gym, you must train every week.
7) On Track Training. Riding a practice quad as much as you can is a must. But riding a quad around a practice track is not training. Push yourself, ride with others or compete in local races. Keep your edge year round. Dee Manshack at Rage ATV in Texas has an open invite for anyone who want to train with him. I will be moving the race rigs to his practice track in Oct until Feb to store your practice quad in and they will be stocked with replacement parts and fuel as you need them.
8) Assistance at the track. At the national events, every rider is required to wash their own race and practice quads or have someone along to assist them with it. Once you are done with your day and your quads are cleaned, it is expected of you to ask if anyone else on the team needs help with anything.
9) Professionalism and Appearance. Since we pit on vendors row, it is expected that we look as professional as possible. If you quad is dirty, park it at the wash station until it is clean. All riders gear, primarily boots, goggles, chest protectors, gloves and neck braces, will be picked up and put away at all times when not in use. Riders and Family members will be given team apparel to wear on vendors row and at the starting gate.
Root River Racing Sponsors
The success of Root River Racing is founded in the support of our sponsors, family and friends. 
We encourage everyone to support the companies that are allowing our riders to chase their dreams.
  Contact information:
Root River Racing - Rich Gillette
100 Twilite St Suite A La Crescent, MN 55947

Rich’s Cell: 507-269-2324
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